Episode 1 Terran Campaign

Wasteland Objectives

Build a Barracks
Train 10 Marines
Raynor must survive

 Backwater Station
Backwater Station Objectives

Eradicate the alien infestation
Raynor must survive

 Desperate Alliance
Desperate Alliance Objective

Survive for 30 minutes.

 The Jacobs Installation
The Jacobs Installation Objectives

Retrieve data discs from the Confederate network
Raynor must survive

Revolution Objectives

Bring Kerrigan to the Antigan command center
Destroy the Confederate base
Raynor and Kerrigan must survive

 Norad II
Norad II Objectives

Protect battlecruiser Norad II
Bring Raynor and 2 dropships to Norad II

 The Trump Card
The Trump Card Objectives

Bring the psi-emitter to the enemy base
Kerrigan must survive

 The Big Push
The Big Push Objectives

Eliminate the Confederate forces.
Duke must survive

 New Gettysburg
New Gettysburg Objectives

Destroy the protoss force
All zerg buildings must survive
Kerrigan must survive

 The Hammer Falls
The Hammer Falls Objectives

Destroy the Ion Cannon
Raynor must survive

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