Episode 2 Zerg Campaign

 Among the Ruins
Among the Ruins Objectives

Create a spawning pool
Create a hydralisk den
Protect the chrysalis
Destroy the terrans

Egression Objective

Bring the chrysalis to the beacon

 The New Dominion
The New Dominion Objectives

Protect the chrysalis
Eliminate the terran threat

 Agent of the Swarm
Agent of the Swarm Objectives

Protect the chrysalis until it is ready to hatch
Destroy Raynor's command center
Kerrigan must survive

 The Amerigo
The Amerigo Objectives

Bring Kerrigan to the supercomputer
Kerrigan must survive

 The Dark Templar
The Dark Templar Objectives

Exterminate the protoss intruders
Kerrigan must survive

 The Culling
The Culling Objective

Eradicate every last remnant of Garm Brood

 Eye for an Eye
Eye for an Eye Objectives

Destroy the protoss bases
Let no dark templar escape
Kerrigan must survive

 The Invasion of Aiur
The Invasion of Aiur Objectives

Bring a drone to the khaydarin crystal formation
Defend the crystal formation until drone is finished
Bring the crystal back to base

 Full Circle
Full Circle Objectives

Destroy the protoss temple
Bring the crystal to the beacon

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