Episode 5 Terran Campaign

 First Strike
First Strike Objectives

Destroy the enemy command center
Duran must survive

 The Dylarian Shipyards
The Dylarian Shipyards Objectives

Steal battlecruisers
Defeat the Dominion strike force

 Ruins of Tarsonis
Ruins of Tarsonis Objectives

Destroy zerg hives to pacify the broods (4)
Bring Duran to the psi disruptor
Duran must survive

 Assault on Korhal
Assault on Korhal Objectives

Destroy the enemy physics labs.
Destroy the enemy nuclear silos.

 Emperor's Fall
Emperor's Fall Emperor's Fall is the collective name for two versions of this Terran mission.
The two versions of the mission are named "Ground Zero" and "Birds of War," with the player playing one or the other depending on how they completed the previous mission's objectives.


Destroy Mengsk's command center

 Emperor's Flight
Emperor's Flight Objective

Destroy Raynor's command center

 Patriot's Blood
Patriot's Blood Objectives

Find and kill Admiral Stukov
Duran must survive
Shut down the psi disruptor's power core before it overloads

 To Chain the Beast
To Chain the Beast Objectives

Bring a medic to each of the beacons surrounding the Overmind. (4)
Kill zerg cerebrates to weaken the Overmind's defenses. (3)

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